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ATLA Religion Database: Searching by Scripture Text

Search for Articles by Scripture Text

Click ATLA Religion Database to begin scripture text searching now. Or, select the Articles tab on the library home page. The link to ATLA Religion Database  is under the search box.

The videos below demonstrate two ways of searching. Advantages and disadvantages are listed for each method.


Searching by Scripture Citation Using the Scripture Text Tool

Using the Scripture Text Tool

Scripture Text Tool: Advantages and Disadvantages


[Scripture] search button is easy to find on the top menu bar.

Bible books, chapters and verses are listed. Select [Expand] for more precision.


List includes results for the desired text within broad sections of scripture.  Often retrieves many irrelevant citations.

Only canonical books are listed. Can't search Apocrypha and other non-canonical texts.

Searching by Scripture Citation Using the Scripture Citation Index

Using the Scripture Citation Index

Scripture Citation Index: Advantages and Disadvantages


Select texts from a list of chapter/verse citations.

More precise results.

Number of results is displayed for each chapter/verse citation.

Non-canonical texts may be searched (Wisdom, Maccabees).


Scripture citation index is hard to locate on the search screen.

Select [Indexes] from top menu bar.

Select Scripture Citation from the drop down list.

Need to know the format used for scripture texts. Enter book and chapter only, then browse for specific verses.

Matthew 10

Samuel, 1st 5

Results are in alphanumeric order. Browse all the entries for a chapter and select the relevant ones.

Testimonial: ATLA Scripture Citation Index

A New Testament scholar describes the value of the Scripture Citation Index for searching the ATLA Religion Database.