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Writing Services & Information Literacy

Learn about how to get help with your writing and about the required information literacy evaluation for AMBS students.

Information Literacy: Definition

To be information literate, a person must

  • be able to recognize when information is needed and
  • have the ability to
  • locate
  • evaluate and
  • effectively use the needed information.

Five Areas of Information Literacy

The AMBS rubric addresses these five areas:

  1. Ability to determine the nature and extent of the information needed.
  2. Ability to locate appropriate information, including its authority, accuracy, and quality.
  3. Number of sources.
  4. Variety of sources (books, essays, articles, internet resources).
  5. Citations in footnotes and bibliography follow Turabian format.

Information Literacy in MDiv Educational Outcomes

The AMBS Master of Divinity degree has six educational outcomes.  Information literacy is named in the fourth one.

4. Demonstrate personal integrity and authority in ministry.

Pedagogy of Knowing

Understand themselves as both fallen and redeemed.

Understand their own giftedness and limitations

Know when to seek information and where to find it.

Understand the ethical significance of boundary maintenance.

Information Literacy in MA Educational Outcomes

MA in Peace Studies and MA in Theological Studies

Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.

MA in Christian Formation

Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information and resources effectively.

Writing Services

For more information about our writing services, including deadlines, services, and helpful Turabian links, please open the document above.