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Biblical Studies: Online Commentaries

Fortress Commentary on the Bible

"As biblical scholars, we wish students of the Bible to gain a respect for the antiquity and cultural remoteness of the biblical texts and to grapple for themselves with the variety of their possible meanings; to fathom a long history of interpretation in which the Bible has been wielded for causes both beneficial and harmful; and to develop their own skills and voices as responsible interpreters, aware of their own social locations in relationships of privilege and power... In this regard, we participate in many and diverse identities and social locations, yet we all are conscious of reading, studying, and hearing the Bible today as citizens of a complex and interconnected world..." (Introduction)

Blackwell Bible Commentaries (Through the Centuries)

Volumes in this series trace "how people have interpreted and been influenced by...the text". "The series emphasizes the influence of the Bible on literature, art, music, and film, its role in the evolution of religious beliefs and practices, and its impact on social and political developments." Several volumes are available as e-books.

Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament

Commentaries on the text that "pay due attention both to the cultural, literary, and theological settings in which the text took form and to the interests of the contemporary readers to whom the commentaries are addressed." For advanced students with theological interests in the biblical text. List of e-book volumes.

Fathers of the Church from Catholic University Press

New translations of Bible commentaries by early Christian authors.