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Library Orientation 2016

AMBS Library Staff Welcome You!

Clockwise, from top left: Nel Warkentin, Meredith Caldwell, Pratik Bagh, Belihu Hailu, Brian O'Leary, Sungbin Kim, Sophie Lapp, Karl Stutzman, Brandon Board (Photo by Melissa Troyer, August 2016)

Welcome to the AMBS Library!

I like to say that if you're quiet enough, you'll hear the books in our library talking to each other: they represent a longstanding theological conversation. It's my pleasure to invite you to join this conversation through your own research and writing. We are here to help you be rooted in the Word and growing in Christ as a leader for God's reconciling mission in the world.

--Karl Stutzman, Director of Library Services

Using this Guide

When you have read this basic guide, you should know how to:

  1. Set a password for your library account
  2. Use the library search to locate print and online materials
  3. Read the library's electronic books and articles

Library Website

You can find us by Googling "ambs library" or via the direct URL page of the AMBS website has a link to the library in the blue bar at the top. You can also use the Library Resources block in Moodle.

The library website has a search box for various types of content. You will also find guides to library resources, news, hours, and staff contact information.

Library Search Boxes

Each tab in the search box is described below. 


Each tab of the library search box presents options for searching specific types of library resources.

Books & Media. Use AMBS WorldCat to search for print and online books, audiovisuals, journal titles, and digital documents. Video introduction.

Articles. Online articles link directly to full text. Find articles in the library's print collection.

Journal Titles. Each journal/magazine title includes access options: print in library, full text from a database, free online journal websites.

Everything. Search results include print and online books, audiovisuals, journal articles, journal titles, and digital documents. Recommended for comprehensive searching by topic, not for locating a specific item.