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Set Password

Why set a password?

You need to set a password for two reasons:

  • Remote access to the library's electronic resources
  • Checking your library account and renewing books

Find your 14- or 15-digit library barcode number

To set a password, you need to have your 14- or 15-digit library barcode number handy. It begins with 29304. You will use this same number throughout this process.

  • If you are a new student, you will find your library barcode number in an informational e-mail sent to you by the AMBS registrar's office.
  • If you have signed up for a library card in person, you will receive a library card with a barcode. The number underneath the barcode is what you will use to log into the library system.

Unable to locate your 14- or 15-digit library barcode number? Call the library @ 574-296-6253.

Set password on library homepage

location of account login link on library homepage - below search box

Open --> My Library Account

You can find the link underneath the search box on the library home page.

Step 1: Click set/reset password

Step 2: Enter your barcode and press "request new password"

Step 3: Go to your e-mail

Click the link in the e-mail to set a new password.

For AMBS students and employees, a message is typically delivered to your AMBS e-mail account. If you are a new student, please follow the instructions in your welcome letter or e-mail to get into your AMBS e-mail account.

If you have checked your e-mail and do not get the message, contact the library staff to verify that your information is correct: 574-296-6253.

Step 4. Enter your library number again and choose a password

Where this page asks for a "User Name," enter your 14- or 15-digit AMBS library barcode number beginning with 29304. This is the same number you have been using all along.

Choose a password and enter it twice, then press Change password.