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AMBS Library Response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Reserve book scanning

To cut down on potential contamination of frequently used library books, we have moved from open reserves to closed reserves. Reserve books are now kept behind the library desk.

Many reserve books are available electronically. Search the library catalog search system to view books online.

Reserve books not available electronically will be scanned on demand by the library assistant. You will receive a scan of your reading via a Google Drive link. Please plan ahead to allow time for the assistant to scan your reading when you need it. Scanning is normally completed within 24 hours.

To request a scan from a course reserve book, visit

Book quarantine

Recently returned books will be quarantined for seven days in library storage to ensure safety of library patrons. Thank you for your patience with books being unavailable due to quarantine.

Hand sanitizer and wiping down surfaces

Hand sanitizer is available at the library desk and search station.

Library staff are encouraged to use sanitizer frequently when handling items and serving you.

We ask that you use hand sanitizer before and after handling reference books and attempt not to touch your face.

Library staff are also wiping down high-contact surfaces, including keyboards and mice in the computer lab, on a daily basis.

No more coffee

As long as COVID-19 remains an ongoing concern, the AMBS Library will not provide access to free coffee or hot water for tea.  Library patrons are encouraged to bring their own hot beverages (in closed containers, of course!) to enjoy while studying.

Reference books - use extra caution

Reference books are not quarantined. This is because many items are in heavy demand and quarantining would take them out of commission too long. This means you need to use extra caution when handling them. Please use hand sanitizer (available on the reference shelves) before and after handling reference books. Masks are required in the reference area, like everywhere in the library.

Carrels - safe to use

Our carrels are spaced 6 feet apart. The design of the carrels forms a protective barrier that functions as a kind of "sneeze guard" in between persons sitting in their carrels. Please wear a mask when you are using your carrel.

Library airflow

The library is equipped with a geothermal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that has been programmed to introduce adequate fresh air and also includes filtration for improved indoor air quality. We have been advised by our facilities staff that the library is among the safest places on campus in terms of ventilation.