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AMBS Library Resource Access Policy

The AMBS Library serves the needs of students and faculty in an environment characterized by efficient acquisition of physical materials, convenient access to quality online resources, and resource sharing with partner libraries.

Books and Media in the Library

Virtually any item needed for  the AMBS Library collection can be ordered online and be ready for check-out in a few days. Even out-of-print books are generally available through the online used book market.

Online Access

Extensive web-based resources are available to students and faculty in quality subscription databases, by selected e-book purchases, and freely available on websites. 
The AMBS Library catalog and subscription databases link efficiently to e-books, to full text journal articles, and to the interlibrary loan request form.

Resource Sharing

AMBS is one of twenty-four members of the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana. PALNI libraries maintain collections that serve nine denominational seminaries, eleven universities, and seven liberal arts colleges.

  • PALNI library collections span all disciplines thereby freeing the AMBS library to focus on purchasing items most likely to be used for teaching, learning, and research.
  • AMBS intentionally acquires specialized materials in biblical studies, theology, and ministry to expand the shared PALNI collection.
  • AMBS’ denominational focus complements the collecting of the other PALNI seminary libraries: Catholic, Lutheran, and several free church traditions.
  • PALNI libraries share responsibility for acquiring and preserving low-use print periodicals.
  • The PALNI shared catalog expedites patron-initiated interlibrary loan requests.
  • Member libraries are committed to rapid delivery of books and media and to generous lending policies.
  • Virtually all items that AMBS students and faculty request from PALNI libraries are delivered within five days.

The public library collections of Indiana and the research collections of all Indiana academic libraries come to AMBS through the state-wide daily delivery service.
Items requested from libraries outside Indiana usually arrive within ten days.
Most libraries scan and email requested articles and essays directly to patrons within three days.
AMBS faculty and students may check out materials in any Indiana academic library, public or private.