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AMBS Library Resource Access Policy

Open Access

The library promotes and facilitates open access publishing for efficient distribution of scholarship.  This includes but is not limited to maintenance of a digital repository and use of open access software. Library staff follow emerging best practices for managing open access scholarship.
The library provides financial support for open access projects that support the curriculum, such as the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online.


The library digitizes materials in support of the AMBS curriculum at the request of teaching faculty. When appropriate permission can be obtained, the digitized materials may be posted openly online.

AMBS Digital Repository

The AMBS Library maintains a digital repository to promote open access resources. The AMBS digital repository offers “gratis” and “green” open access, that is, no-cost sharing of materials that are also published traditionally.
All work added to the digital repository meets review standards established by the Academic Dean in consultation with AMBS faculty.
Examples of items that may be added to the repository:

  • Publications of the Institute of Mennonite Studies.
  • AMBS institutional publications.
  • Publication-ready manuscripts authored by current AMBS faculty and students.

All materials added to the digital repository must be licensed with an appropriate Creative Commons license. Authors sign a permission form including license terms.
All master’s theses completed at AMBS and student papers recommended by AMBS faculty are added to a restricted access area of the digital repository. If theses and papers meet the review standards, they are distributed openly.
The digital repository is not an archival preservation system and does not replace paper-based archiving.