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Bible Versions

A guide to consulting Bible translations at AMBS

General Advice

"I still use NRSV as the standard or default translation for serious Bible study. But I also encourage students to consult other translations, including NIV, the Inclusive Bible, Robert Alter (OT only), Lattimore (NT only), First Nations Version (NT only), Sarah Ruden (Gospels only)."

--Paul Keim, PhD, Visiting Professor and Bible Department Chair (2021–22)

Free online Bible options

  • BibleGateway and have NRSV, NIV, and a host of other versions (including multilingual)
  • The YouVersion Bible app (available for Androids and iPhones) also has a host of multilingual options and NRSV/NIV

Versions available in the AMBS Library

  • Sarah Ruden's Gospels translation is available as a library ebook and at REF 226.1 R915.
  • The Inclusive Bible is available as a library ebook and in print at REF 220.5208 I37.
  • The First Nations Version is available as a library ebook and at REF 220.5209 F527.
  • Robert Alter's Hebrew Bible translation is available in print at REF 220.5208 H446. We can easily scan a passage for a student; email for assistance.
  • Lattimore is available at REF 228 L364 or on Internet Archive for an hour at a time, which should be sufficient to look up a verse.