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E-books at AMBS


EBSCO ebooks logo

All EBSCO e-books may be viewed on EBSCO's site via any web browser.

Remote access

EBSCO's site can be accessed remotely by entering your library barcode and password when prompted.

Print a selection

You may print a selection from the book. Often, this is up to 60 pages or a single chapter, but the limits vary by publisher. You may not print more than one copy of the same pages. See this brief video tutorial for instructions.

Access Limitations

Many of the EBSCO e-books are limited to one user at a time. If someone else is using the book, EBSCO will display a message indicating you cannot access it because it is already in use. You will need to wait until 15 minutes after the other person closes the web browser where they were viewing the book. Out of courtesy to other users, please close EBSCO e-books immediately when you are finished reading them.

Download a selection

You save selections of up to 60 pages or a single chapter as a .pdf and transfer it to your computer, e-reader or mobile device, including a Kindle. See this brief video tutorial for instructions.