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Pastoral Care

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Dewey Decimal Classification

Books on pastoral care issues are located in various parts of the library.

248.8 Guides to Christian life

248.8 Guides to Christian life for specific classes of persons

.82 Children

.83 Adolescents and college students

.84 Adults

.842 Men

.843 Women

.844 Married couples

.845 Parents (Christian child rearing)

.846 Separated and divorced persons

.85 Persons in late adulthood

.86 Persons experiencing illness, trouble, bereavement

.88 Persons in various occupational classes

.89 Clergy

253.8 Pastoral counseling and spiritual direction

253.5 Counseling and Spiritual Direction

.52 Pastoral psychology

.53 Spiritual Direction

259 Pastoral care

259.1 Pastoral care of families

.12 Family counseling

.13 Premarital counseling

.14 Marriage counseling

259.2 Pastoral care of young people

.22 Children

.23 Adolescents

.24 College students

.25 Young adults

259.3 Pastoral care of persons in late adulthood

259.4 Pastoral care of persons with disabilities or illnesses

259.5 Pastoral care of delinquents and criminals (prison chaplaincy)

259.6 Pastoral care of the bereaved

362 Social welfare problems and services

Books in the 362's address problems of and services for people with these conditions.

362.1 Physical illness

362.2 Mental and emotional illness

362.3 Mental disabilities

362.4 Physical disabilities

362.5 Poverty

362.6 Persons in late adulthood

362.7 Young people

362.8 Other conditions