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Biblical Studies: Introduction and Reference

Classification numbers for Bible versions

A selection of study Bibles is located in the Reference Collection, on the first low shelf, near the windows. These are primarily for use on campus. They can be checked out overnight.

More study Bibles are in the General Books (North) collection, with these classification numbers.

  • 220.5203 King James Version
  • 220.5204 Revised Version
    • New American Standard Bible
  • 220.52042 Revised Standard Version
  • 220.52043 New Revised Standard Version
  • 220.5206 New English Bible
  • 220.5207 New Jerusalem Bible
  • 220.5208 Other English translations
    • Common English Bible
    • English Standard Version
    • Holman Christian Standard Bible
    • New King James Version
  • 220.62081 New International Version
  • 220.52082 Today's English Bible (Good News Bible)
  • 220.52083 Living Bible
    • New Living Translation
  • 220.5209 Translations/Paraphrases by Individuals
    • The Message by Peterson