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Digital Mennonite Periodicals

A publication of the Mennonite Church that usually appeared annually 1905-1997. Beginning in 1944 the title was shortened to "Mennonite Yearbook" It contains articles, congregational and ministerial directories, statistical data, and names of institutiona

About Mennonite Yearbook and Directory

A publication of the Mennonite Church usually published annually or biennially from 1905-1997.  In 1944 it dropped "and Directory" from its title.  In 1999 it was followed by Mennonite Directory (digitized), a merger with similar publications, Handbook of Information (General Conference Mennonite Church, digitized) and Conference of Mennonites in Canada  Directory (not digitized). Mennonite Directory was succeeded by Mennonite Church USA Directory (2003-2009) (digitized).

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