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Worship and Preaching

Call numbers of topics in the library

Finding Books by Topic

Resources for worship may be found in various locations in the collection.  For example, prayers may be located in devotional literature (242) or in the public worship area (264.1).

Browse in the stacks to discover the riches of the AMBS Library.


251 Preaching (Homiletics)

251.01 Preparation

251.03 Delivery (voice, expression, gesture)

251.08 Sermon illustrations

252 Texts of sermons

252.1 Sermons for baptisms, funerals, weddings, etc.

252.5 Sermons for children, youth, elders, etc.

252.6 Sermons for the church year

Preaching the Church Year

251.6 Texts of sermons for the church year

251.612 Advent

251.615 Christmas

251.62 Lent

251.625 Holy Week

251.63 Easter

251.64 Pentecost and Ordinary Time

Public Worship

264 Public worship

264.02 Roman Catholic Church

264.03 Anglican churches

264.06 Baptistand Adventist churches

264.07 Methodist churches

264.097 Mennonite churches

264.1 Prayer in worship

264.2 Music in worship

264.34 Scripture readings (lectionary)

264.35 Holy Communion


265 Sacraments

265.1 Baptism

265.12 Infant baptism

265.13 Adult baptism

265.2 Confirmation

265.5 Matrimony

265.82 Cermonies for the sick

265.85 Funeral services

265.9 Other acts of worship

Footwashing, laying on of hands, love feasts, dedications

Devotional Literature

242 Devotional literature

242.3 Prayers and meditations for the church year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc.)

242.4 Prayers for use in times of illness, bereavement

242.5 Prayers based on Bible texts.

Christian Experience, Practice, Life

248.3 Worship

Comprehensive works on worship, not just public worship

248.32 Prayer

248.34 Meditation and contemplation

249 Family worship and prayer

The Church Year

263.912 Advent

263.915 Christmas

263.92 Lent

263.925 Holy Week

263.93 Easter

263.94 Pentecost and Ordinary Time