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Green Building and Facility Information

U.S. Copyright Law


The use of the photocopier is governed by the United States Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code).  Users are responsible for any infringement.


A photocopier is available in the printer/copier room.

The copier uses a copy card system. Photocopies are normally 10 cents/copy, but a $7 copy card may be purchased with 100 copies, for a discounted rate of 7 cents/copy. Inquire at the service desk if you wish to have the public card for making copies, or if you want to purchase copies for your copy card.

The copier is outfitted with a special lid that reduces wear and tear on library bindings.

Instructions for making photocopies on both sides of the paper are posted on the bulletin board next to the photocopier.

Individuals using the photocopier accept responsibility for following U.S. Copyright Law.


The library photocopier is equipped with a scanning feature, allowing individuals to make a scan and send it to their email address. Instructions are posted on the bulletin board near the copier.

The scanner is free, encouraging the creation of digital copies instead of using ink and paper. Copyright restrictions apply equally to scanning as they do to making photocopies.

Please do not scan documents and then print them out on the lab printer.