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Facility and Collections Information

Study rooms and carrels, computers and printing, copying and scanning.

Group Study Rooms

Three rooms are available in the library for small group study.  One room, near the audiovisual collection in the south wing, is outfitted for viewing videos and DVDs. The other two rooms are located in the north wing. 

To reserve one of the three rooms for a specific time, contact the library staff.  You may also create a reservation yourself by visiting Google Calendar and creating an event.  Add the room you wish to use with the "rooms" option on the right. 

When the rooms are not reserved, they may be used by groups or individuals on a first-come, first-served basis.

Individual Study Rooms

Two small offices are provided in the library for individual study. One is at each end of the north wing. Pastors on sabbatical and guest scholars are invited to use a room when working on research and writing projects.

The individual study rooms may be reserved for a specific time period with the library staff.  When not locked, the offices are available for others to use.


Lockers are available in the hallway off the library gallery and on the lower level. Lockers can be reserved through the AMBS receptionist, Linsey Vandrick. Existing combination locks on the lockers are not functional. You will need to supply your own lock.

Study Carrels

Study carrels around the perimeter of the north wing are assigned to AMBS students.  Two students generally share a carrel which has a lockable storage cabinet. While there is no cost for using a carrel, a $20 refundable deposit is required for a key to the storage cabinet. The deposit is charged to the student's account with the Business Office.

Click here to request a study carrel. Contact the library staff for more information.

Carrel assignments for the new academic year are made during the first week of classes of the fall semester.  However, requests made at any time in the academic year are usually granted.

Please note below the expectations of carrel users.

Policies for Carrel Use

Carrels are assigned to students through the end of summer session.  In August, students are invited to submit a new request.  If your schedule changes significantly during the year, please inform the staff.  If you choose not to use your study carrel, inform the library staff so that it may be assigned to someone else.  

There is no charge to use a carrel.  Request a cabinet key at the service desk. The $20 deposit will be charged to your student account.  When you return your key, the $20 deposit is credited to your account. 

Any library material in your carrel must be checked out to you.  The library staff must be able to locate library materials for other users.

Do not use adhesives of any kind to attach items to the carrel or the adjacent walls.  Any adhesive will leave a residue which may permanently damage these surfaces or require special cleaning procedures.

Please do not eat in the library.  You may store non-perishable food in closed containers in the cupboard.  Drinks are allowed in closed containers.

Please do not open any windows in the library.  The temperature is controlled to maximize preservation of the books. Open windows allow unwelcome critters (birds!) to enter. 

AMBS is not responsible for any personal items left in the library including in the locked cabinets.

December 21, 2012