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Anabaptist History and Theology

Scan the shelves using these Dewey numbers as guides.

Anabaptism: historical and general treatments

Every Christian denomination has a classification number in the 280's. Additional numbers indicated more precise topics. For example:

284.3 Anabaptists

284.3092 Biographies of Anabaptists

284.30943 Anabaptists in Germany

284.309492 Anabaptists in the Netherlands

289.7 Mennonites

289.7092 Biographies of Mennonites

289.70943 Mennonites in Germany

Specific topics from an Anabaptist perspective

The denominational numbers for Anabaptists (43) and Mennonites (97) can be added to specific topics to indicate an Anabaptist or Mennonite perspective.  For example:

230.43 Theology from an Anabaptist perspective

230.97 Theology from a Mennonite perspective

238.43 Anabaptist confessions of faith

238.97 Mennonite confessions of faith

266.43 Anabaptism and mission

266.97 Mennonites and mission