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Anabaptist History and Theology

Global Anabaptism

South Africa

The Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANiSA) is a community made up of people, churches, and organizations across South Africa who believe that the Christian message and Gospel has something to say and something to offer the social realities in South Africa. The Network's Mission Statement:

To embody a radical lifestyle centered around God’s reconciling vision for the world and from drawing on the collective wisdom found within the Anabaptist movement, ANiSA seeks to walk with, support, and grow communities of peace, justice, and reconciliation within South Africa.


United Kingdom

The Anabaptist Network is a loose-knit network of individuals and churches in Britain and Ireland interested in the insights of the Anabaptist tradition. The website is a wealth of resources including some Anabaptist primary source documents and back issues of a journal, Anabaptism Today. 

Australia and New Zealand

The Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand links people who "share a  passion for Jesus, community and reconciliation." On the Road is the Association's journal.


The Korea Anabaptist Center works with individuals, groups and churches to actively participate in the mission of God by cultivating biblical discipleship, peace and Christian community, and by developing and providing resources, education, training and relationships in the Anabaptist faith tradition.