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PALNI Affordable Education Initiative: Affordable Education @ PALNI


The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) is a 501(c)(3) owned by the twenty-four supported private academic institutions. The founding concept of PALNI is to collaborate to enhance teaching and learning through optimizing library resources and services.  The academic landscape is growing more difficult with escalating financial pressures yet colleges and universities must provide excellent services and resources.  The PALNI solution is to collaborate not only with other private academic institutions in Indiana, but also to partner with other groups and consortia to reduce costs and compete academically through innovative services.

As the internet and information services landscape has changed, so have PALNI systems and services at the strategic direction of all twenty-four library deans and directors who sit on the PALNI board. PALNI has expanded beyond providing a resource management system to developing deep collaboration and sharing expertise in many areas including strategic planning, reference, information fluency, outreach, data management and configuration, scholarly communication, and instructional technology.

AEI Task Force at PALNI

In 2017, PALNI's Scholarly Communication and Instructional Technology groups joined forces to create the Affordable Education Initiatives Task Force.  The charge for the group is:

The Affordable Education Initiatives (AEI) Task Force will assess needs related to open/affordable education, begin definition of a PALNI-wide AEI program, and determine ongoing support for such a program. AEI is a joint effort of ScholComm and Instructional Tech.

Preliminary Project Plan

The AEI Task Force has recommended the establishment of a PALNI team to administer an Affordable Education program.  Additionally, the Task Force drafted a preliminary multi-component plan as a result of its environmental scan of consortial affordable education programs.

Proposed Program Elements