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PALNI Affordable Education Initiative: Open Textbook Network


The Open Textbook Network (OTN) helps higher education institutions and systems advance the use of open textbooks and practices on their campuses.  It employs a Train-the-Trainer model to educate and engage leaders at the system and campus levels.  Each summer, OTN holds a Summer Institute to train leaders who bring back expertise and best practices.




PALNI plans to join the Open Textbook Network!  We are currently working through the process to secure our consortial membership, so our supported institutions can begin engaging in the Open Textbook Network program this year.

System Leaders

PALNI will select five representatives to serve as our OTN contacts and administer the overall program. These system leaders will attend OTN Summer Institute in Minnesota this July. They will be trained to bring expertise, mentorship, and best practices back to the PALNI campuses. At the OTNSI, they will learn how to facilitate workshops and gain tools and programming strategies. These system leaders will maintain community participation with OTN as PALNI continues to develop its affordable education plan.

Stay tuned for PALNI to begin its system leader selection process this spring!

Indiana Training Workshops

OTN staff will come to Indiana to facilitate two on-site training workshops.  The first of these will likely occur in October or November.  At these workshops, attendees from PALNI schools will gain the knowledge they need to become campus leaders in affordable education. The workshops will focus on the nuances of open text adoption, program development, and presentation capacity for future workshops.