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Guests & Community Borrowers

Information for borrowers who are not affiliated with AMBS

COVID-19 Services

The library remains closed to the public as a result of COVID-19. However, we are making some services available to the community.

  • Contactless pickup: If you would like to check out a library book, please email [email protected] with the information about the book. We will check the book out to you and leave it on a shelf in between the sliding glass doors at the main entrance to the seminary. You can pick up books anytime during the seminary's office hours, which are 8am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.
  • Scanning services: If you want a section of a commentary or other reference book, a chapter from a book, or an article in one of our periodicals, please email [email protected] with your request and we will scan it and email it to you.
  • Reference services: If you have a library question or something you would like us to look up, email [email protected]
  • Bookstore purchases: If you make a purchase at, we can leave the item(s) for you on our contactless pickup shelf. We can also ship items to you for a small fee.

Welcome Guests!

We regularly welcome visitors from around the world and our own backyard. We want you to feel safe and comfortable here, no matter your status or walk of life.

The library collection includes Bible study resources and books on all aspects of ministry. You may use our library facility and read library materials during daytime business hours. The library has quiet, comfortable and attractive places for study and reflection. Small groups may reserve a study room at the service desk. Guests may access online resources during their visit to the AMBS library. Guests may inquire at the service desk about wireless Internet access or use of a library reference computer.

If you are from the local area or affiliated with a reciprocal borrowing institution, we invite you to apply for a community borrower card.

Behavior expectations

Because AMBS is a private educational institution, your use of the facility may be terminated at the sole discretion of AMBS. We expect a standard of behavior that ensures the safety and comfort of all library guests and preserves our library collections.

Library staff will ask you to leave our library or our campus if you:

  • are a minor who is not accompanied by a responsible adult
  • refuse to follow the library's "admonitions" regarding speaking quietly (including making cell phone calls), consumption of food outside the library, drinks in closed containers
  • violate AMBS community behavior norms, including sexual misconduct, consumption of alcoholic beverages, possession of weapons, etc.

If you refuse to comply with instructions, staff may ask campus security personnel or local police to escort you from the facility.