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Information Literacy at AMBS

Information Literacy Scaffolding



AMBS IL habit



Research Reading & Writing

Information has value

Critical assessment of resources’ relative value and authority


evaluation of appropriate sources, citations

Course instructor

Leadership in an Anabaptist Perspective (LEAP) - library assignments and workshop

Research as inquiry

Reflective discovery of resources (reinforce Critical assessment of resources’ relative value and authority)

Discovery tools, following threads of research process, cognitive bias, tradition sources come from, what gives a source “authority”


Leadership in an Anabaptist Perspective (LEAP) - writing workshop

Scholarship as conversation

Ethical use of information

Activity on plagiarism, paraphrasing, and citation style

Writing staff

Advancement to candidacy (MA) or Admission to program (MDiv)


All 3 habits

Assessment of academic work

The expectation is that this happens in core courses (list specifically) by the professor in that course. If students do not follow sequence, need to negotiate assessment with professor.