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Moodle at AMBS

A mostly-video guide to using Moodle at AMBS.

On this page

This page contains demonstration videos for students new to Moodle. Susie Sow, the AMBS IT mascot, logs in to a course and completes several common activities. By watching these videos you will also be able to:

  1. log in to Moodle, learn what is available, add a photo to your profile
  2. post to a discussion forum, mark your progress in a course
  3. save a document as a PDF and upload it to Moodle to complete an assignment
  4. check your grade in Moodle and view reports about your activity in a course

(You can click the links above to jump straight to that topic.)

Susie Sow meets Moodle

Susie Sow encounters Moodle 3.5 and learns:
  • how to log in
  • what Moodle 3.5 at AMBS looks like
  • how to use a drop-down menu to get to her courses quickly
  • how courses are organized in Moodle 3.5
Video demonstration:

Susie Sow updates her profile in Moodle

Susie Sow helps her classmates know something about her by:
  • Adding a description of herself
  • Uploading a photo of herself so classmatesSusie updates her profile picture
Video demonstration:

Susie Sow Posts to a Discussion Forum

Susie Sow posts a video in a discussion forum:
  • viewing a discussion in Moodle
  • replying to another discussion post in Moodle
  • using the camera icon to add a video to a discussion post (three minutes, maximum recording time)
Video demonstration:

Susie Sow Uploads a Document for an Assignment

Susie Sow uploads an assignment in Moodle:
  • adding a draft
  • submitting an assignment
  • affirming that the work submitted is original to you
Video demonstration:

Susie Sow Checks Her Grade

Susie Sow checks her grade in Moodle:
  • tracking course progress by checking activity completion boxes
  • two ways to get to the gradebook
  • one way to view instructor feedback
  • ... and a truly terrible pun
Video demonstration: