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Interlibrary Loan & Borrowing from Other Libraries

AMBS Loans to Libraries and Churches

If you are interested in borrowing material from AMBS and you do not live near enough to be a community borrower, please contact your local library or church to submit a request. 

AMBS will send materials to any library in the USA. Churches are included in this arrangement.

For libraries outside the USA, we may need to work out an arrangement to cover shipping and handling costs.

The request needs to come from an authorized staff person at the library or church. Your library or church must agree to AMBS policies.

Please direct your librarian or church staff person to this page in case they have any questions.

How to Request

  • Fill out our form
  • OCLC ILL: symbol IME
  • E-mail ALA form or comparable to:

Lending Policies

AMBS has a standard loan period for interlibrary loan materials. Some materials may not circulate.

  • Loan period: 60 days with no renewal
  • Non-circulating: Reference, Periodicals, Audiovisual, Special collections, Studer

When you submit a request, you agree to the following on behalf of your library or church:

  • honor the due date policies granted by AMBS.
  • accept responsibility for the replacement of library items that are lost or damaged.
  • accept responsibility for items while they are in transit both to and from AMBS.
  • pay the return shipment cost.
  • safely package library materials.
  • acknowledge the copyright warning.

Libraries or churches that do not fulfill these responsibilities will be denied all requests.

Charges for Libraries

The standard AMBS charge is $20 per request.

We do not charge:

  • ATLA libraries
  • CATLA libraries
  • Mennonite-affiliated libraries
  • Indiana libraries on INfoExpress

We prefer to conduct payment via OCLC's IFM system.